ECOTEK SPL-ZHFR-7000XL for Building Wire Application

Our SPL-ZHFR-7000 XL is a Zero Halogen, Low smoke, Flame Retardant, Silane grafted, moisture curable by addition of a catalyst master-batch cross-Linkable Compound used for Power, Signal, Communications and Building Cables applications.

Our compound can run at high line speed for insulation /sheathing applications. The material contains metal deactivator hence suitable for direct insulation on copper conductor.


The key benefits for using our SPL-ZHFR-7000 XL are

  • Good mechanical and Electrical Properties
  • Zero Halogen acid gas generation
  • Long-term reliability
  • Good flame retardancy and low smoke

Our compound works on reactive extrusion technology, we introduce Catalyst (CTMB-09) with a dosage is 3 - 5% by weight and blending must be done just before using (2-3 hours max.), preferably in the extruder hopper and it does not require any pre-drying. This compound consists specialty thermoplastic polymers, inorganic fillers and additives helps in achieving good processing and physical properties.