Photovoltaic Cables - Moisture Cure Compounding Solution.

Shakun’s SPL-ZHFR-EXP-422 XL is a Zero Halogen, Low Smoke, Flame Retardant, Silane Cross-linkable Compound and Polyolefin based for PV insulation and sheathing applications.  It has good electrical properties and high thermal stress resistance.


Solar cables are installed in an open environment, they inherently have to be resistant adverse climate conditions as well as need to perform in difficult climate conditions with a service life of 25 years and more depending on the cable specification. This adds to making the compound highly durable and efficient to perform in these conditions.

OUR COMPOUNDS key properties are as follows:-

  •   Good abrasion resistance
  •   Zero Halogen acid gas generation
  •   Long-term reliability
  •   Good flame retardancy and low smoke

We have also received TUV approval for this compound as per BS EN 50618:2014 under the brand name of PvTek cable. Our compound is versatile, this single compound can be used for Insulation as well as for sheathing. The most critical test to pass for solar cable application is Thermal Endurance test for 20,000 hours from temperature starting from 120 and going up to 200.


As regards to the processing guidelines we recommend using Catalyst (CTMB-11 AOX) with a dosage of 4 to 5% by weight and blending must be done just before using (2- 3 hours max.), preferably in the extruder hopper. Catalyst doesn’t need any preying.

Extrusion temperatures of 110 - 150°C on Extruder Barrel Zones, 155°C on neck, 160°C on head and 165°C on Die are recommended.